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Maceta - Plant Stand and Pot

What is the internal and external diameter of the pots?
The internal dimension is 21.5cm and the external dimension is 24.5cm.
What is the height of the pots?
The pots are 24.5cm high.
What are the pots made of?
All our pots are made from high quality ceramic.
Do the pots have a drainage hole?
Yes, all our pots have a drainage holes and plug!
Pot Drainage Hole
What are the plant stands made of?
Our plant stands are made from high quality Acacia Wood. Acacia wood is a natural product with variations in colour. 
What is the internal dimension of the plant stands?
The internal dimension of the stands is 26cm.
Compost Bins:
What are the compost bins made of?
High quality carbon steel powder coated in your favorite colours.
What accessories come with the compost bin?
Every compost bin comes with 4x Charcoal Filters and 50 x Biodegradable Bin Liners.
What can you put in the compost bin?
Refer to our convenient "Do's & Don'ts" Composting Guide which comes with every compost bin.